Monuments and Memorials

Learn how to take great pictures BEFORE you go on that expensive trip! Join our standard Monuments and Memorials workshop, offered every Wednesday and Saturday, in which Paris-trained architectural photographer E. David Luria takes you to some of the most popular monuments and historic buildings in Washington: the White House, Lafayette Park, the Albert Einstein, Lincoln, Korea, and Vietnam Three Servicemen Memorials, and finally to Union Station, where he will show you how to make all the moving people in the station DISAPPEAR!

Mr. Luria begins the Safari with a 45-minute travel photography orientation, giving you tips in basic architectural photography, outdoor portraiture, and, at Union Station, interior photography without flash or tripod. While you are taking pictures, Mr. Luria gives you hands-on guidance on how to make those images even better! Advanced and professional photographers will appreciate Mr. Luria’s extensive knowledge of all the best photo sites and camera angles in Washington DC.

See: Basic tips in travel photography we cover on this Safari

Meet at Renwick Gallery, 17th and Pennsylvania Ave NW, near Farragut North (Metro Red Line or Farragut West (Blue/Orange Lines). Advance reservations required. Safari groups are generally 6-10 people only. Suggested as preliminary course before taking special safaris. Open to any photographer at any skill level with any camera, film or digital. No tripod needed on the morning itinerary.  Morning session ends at 1:15 pm at Union Station on the Metro Red Line

Fee: $89/person half-day, includes transportation and materials. Check out our Safari Calendar for these Safaris, offered every Wednesday and Saturday.

The full day version ($169/person) includes the morning session described above and, after lunch in Union Station, goes on to the colorful Adams Morgan entertainment/restaurant district for training in “right-brained” abstract photography, then to the magnificent Washington National Cathedral where we teach you how (and how not) to photograph church interiors and some of the most beautiful stained glass windows you will ever see in any church. (Your fee includes a contribution to the Cathedral.)

Our afternoon session ends at the famous 76-foot tall Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, where you can duplicate the famous photograph taken by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal on Mt. Suribachi in 1945 and capture in your camera each of the six soldiers depicted in Clint Eastwood’s recent movie, Flag of our Fathers, against a backdrop of the Washington Monument and the US Capitol across the Potomac River.

The Safari ends at 5:15 pm and we drop you off at the Rosslyn Metro Station on the Blue/Orange Lines.

Check out our Safari Calendar for registration and specific dates. offered every Wednesday and Saturday.