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Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

The Ronald Reagan Building, dedicated in May 1998, completed the redevelopment of Pennsylvania Avenue by reflecting its symbolic and historic character as well as that of the nation’s capital. It was mandated by Congress to bring together the country’s best public and private resources to create a national forum for the advancement of trade.

It is a welcome addition to our architectural photography series in which participants learn:

  • exterior photography and capturing unique architectural detail, using wide angle lenses with small apertures
  • maintaining vertical edges perfectly straight, not falling in on each other
  • interior photography, including atrium, using lighting, composition, exposure and white balance settings for best picture quality, with or without tripod
  • use of F stops and shutter speeds features of the camera 

The staff of the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center is also most interested in having copies of your best images to use in their own promotional materials.

All cameras welcome, best results with adjustable aperture and shutter speed settings and a manual mode.

Lens Options:   

  • For low-light shooting without flash: 50mm F1.4 or F1.8 or 35mm F1.8  
  • Fast telephoto (F2.8)
  • Wide-angle (10-20mm or 11- 16mm) or fish-eye
  • Instructor will bring 28mm PC shift lens for Nikon users

Six inch dual-bubble carpenter’s level for maintaining vertical edges. Limit: 12 photographers