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Full Moonrise Over the Nation’s Capital

Full Moonrise Over the Nation’s Capital

Full Moonrise Over the Nation’s Capital: Think you can take better pictures than the ones you see on the postcards?

Here is your chance to prove it by capturing  that traditional postcard-view of the three famous monuments – Lincoln Memorial,  Washington Monument, and the Capitol, all neatly aligned in your viewfinder in the soft light of twilight and with a rising full supermoon, all from the vantage-point of the Netherlands Carillon, right next to the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington VA.

Professional architectural photographer E. David Luria will coach you in the single-exposure and (if your camera can do it ) double-exposure techniques of twilight and moonlight photography on this safari, timed to coincide with the sun setting and the full moon rising, followed by nighttime shooting of the newly refurbished Marine Corps Memorial soldiers framed against the rising moon. If your camera does double-exposures, we will show you how to move the moon from one corner of the sky to place it right over the Washington Monument!  How cool is THAT?

You must bring a STURDY tripod, cable release also desirable.   Meet at stone plaza in front of Netherlands Carillon in Arlington VA, adjoining Iwo Jima. Closest Metro is Arlington Cemetery on Blue Line, Rosslyn on Blue/Orange/Silver Lines. Limited parking available in nearby side streets.