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NEW!: Burning Man: A New Exhibit at the Renwick Gallery

NEW!: Burning Man: A New Exhibit at the Renwick Gallery

 Things are really heating up in the art world here in DC with this exciting new exhibit at the Renwick Gallery entitled; No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man!

The name “Burning Man” comes from an annual festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada where enormous art installations are erected, some of which are then ritually burned!

The “No Spectators” theme implies that we must ALL be engaged in life, following our passion, taking a stand, that excitement comes to those people who participate, not spectate!

Curated by the Renwick’s Nora Atkinson, this is a GREAT exhibit for picture-taking, with beautiful three-dimensional structures placed all over the museum, It is colorful, fanciful, weird, and bound to fill your image portfolio with exciting images!

We are dividing this photo safari into two parts: a daytime one inside the Renwick, and a nighttime one outside in the Golden Triangle neighborhood to photograph the six gigantic pieces they have placed in the streets around the area of Farragut North/Farragut West Metros..

Here is a Flickrsite with samples of images you will get on either or both of these safaris

Daytime Safari: Architectural photographer E. David Luria leads this photo romp through the two floors of the Renwick Gallery Clients are invited to use their DSLR’s, mirrorless camera or smartphones, and David will instruct each client on the best angles to shoot, the use of f stops and shutter speeds to blur or sharpen backgrounds, and the proper use of the white balance settings for accurate color rendition. This safari, set on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds, is aimed at training you to shoot artwork in any museum

Meet outside of the Renwick Gallery at 1661 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm., Friday, May 11, 2018. 

Nighttime safari: On this safari architectural photographer E. David Luria leads you on a “treasure hunt” for the six iconic structures placed on the streets and avenues of the Golden triangle neighborhood.

Starting at the Farragut North Metro, David will provide an orientation in nighttime photography techniques, shooting on manual and adjusting white balance settings fir proper color rendition. We will then photograph the installation known as “Golden Spike,”, “Ursa Major,” “Future’s Past,” “XOXO,” “Untitled,” and finally ending up by the Renwick to photograph “Maya’s Mind,” and the Renwick itself at night, with tripods. This safari is aimed at teaching you the techniques of nighttime photography with any camera or smartphone.

Meet at top of escalator of Farragut North Metro located at northeast corner of intersection of L Street and Connecticut Avenue NW, Saturday, May 19, 8:15 pm to 10:15 pm 

Combo price for booking both safaris: $129, a 15% discount