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Aerial Photography with Drones: Getting High With Your Camera!

Aerial Photography with Drones: Getting High With Your Camera!

Give your feet a rest and learn to fly your camera!  Just think how cool it would be to get a gorgeous aerial photograph of a favorite scenic or vacation spot, or having a nice aerial shot of your company picnic, family events, birthday parties, wedding, anniversary, or just playing around at the local park. You can even take aerial photos of your home and property for maintenance and inventory purposes... The sky’s the limit.

All of this is possible with drone-mounted cameras, but you must be trained in how to set up and operate the drone and its camera, and you must be aware of applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines when it comes to flying a drone outdoors in the National Airspace System.

So Washington Photo Safari is pleased to announce that it has secured the services of a professional FAA-certified pilot to teach beginner sessions on Aerial Photography with Drones for clients who already own, or are thinking of buying a drone for recreational (non-commercial) use. His name is Mark Baxter, he is owner of SkySight VIP, an aerial photography and videography business established in 2016. Mark has a military and law enforcement background and has been working to create a training program for public safety agencies and their use of drones. He particularly enjoys taking his drone to scenic places and getting aerial views that just can’t be achieved from the ground. He also conducts work for residential & commercial real estate clients, performs missions for inspection, insurance, and construction companies, and has shot several events around Maryland.

The course will involve the following components

   1. Introduction to Drones and Drone Systems
   2. Regulations
   3. Applications & Methods for Aerial Photography
   4. Basic Flight Theory
   5. Safety
   6. Preflight, Settings, & Operation
   7. Post Flight
   8. Demonstration
   9. Flying!!!

We will show you how to be compliant with FAA guidelines and how to fly your drone confidently so you can go out and capture some creative, one-of-a-kind shots with your drone!

Who should attend: Anyone who has an interest in using a drone for amateur photography. Basic knowledge of camera settings and photo editing is helpful, but not required.

Who should not attend: Those who want to learn to fly toy-grade drones or learn advanced drone photography.

This safari will focus primarily on learning how to safely operate consumer/professional grade drones in the National Airspace System (NAS) and what you need to know in order to get the best shots possible. We will briefly discuss camera settings for the drone but will not go into photo editing- that will be covered in a future advanced course. This will be a basic-level class geared toward recreational users and photographing will be done in auto exposure modes.

What to bring to the safari:

  • Notepad and writing instrument
  • Appropriate attire/hydration for the outdoors

  • An interest in learning to safely fly a drone

Bringing a drone to this safari is not necessary. The students will learn to fly on the DJI drone platform which will be provided during the safari.

However, if you already have a consumer/professional grade drone, and would like to bring it to the class, you are welcome to - so long as you notify the instructor prior to the class. Depending on the drone, the instructor may be able to guide you in using your own drone. If you do this, just be sure you have your drone properly registered and marked, your batteries are fully charged, and you have all necessary equipment needed to operate it. Again, please be sure to contact us ahead of time if you plan to bring your own drone so we can make sure you have everything you need and it will be ready to fly.

Examples of Drone Photography Link:

The safari will be offered at White’s Ford Regional Park, 43646 Hibler Rd, Leesburg, VA 20176