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Composition:  The Essence of Good Photography!

Composition:  The Essence of Good Photography!

Good photography is all about good composition, the play of light and shadow, leading lines, framing and many other factors.

This Safari will teach you about all the main elements of composition. We will do this in a very unique location, the Crystal City Underground, a series of tunnels in Crystal City, VA lined with beautifully composed photographs selected by the photographic organization known as Exposed DC, a local non-profit organization which connects photographers of all levels with networking, mentoring and exhibition opportunities.(Part of your fee includes a donation to Exposed DC.)

Accompanied by Noe Todorovich, Executive Director of Exposed DC, we will talk about framing, leading lines, placing an element in the foreground to give a three- dimensional quality to the photograph, shooting at the "decisive moment" when everything lines up nicely, how to achieve straight verticals in building pictures, how to get low and close, filling the frame, using light and symmetry and balance to achieve better composition.

We will also discuss using the shutter priority mode to stop action, blur action, or make action disappear. We will discuss using the aperture priority mode to blur or sharpen the background. We will discuss how a picture can tell a story. We will demonstrate how the use of techniques like these can enhance any type of photography: architecture, travel, nature, portraits, landscapes, nighttime, and storytelling work.

We will do this as we explore the 100+ images on the walls of the tunnels in Crystal City Underground, just steps away from the Crystal City Metro stop on the Blue and Yellow Lines. Ms. Todorovich will be on hand to give us background information on the photographs and the artists themselves, and will explain how the show was curated.

Here is a Flickrsite with samples of the images now on display in Crystal City.

As it turns out, most of the images on display or in black and white, which gives greater emphasis to good composition because the viewer is not distracted by the beauty of color!

After examining the images we will roam around the Crystal City Underground and take our own beautifully composed images, with help from professional architectural photographer E. David Luria, who trained in the decisive moment” method of photography in Paris with a protégé of Henri Cartier Bresson!

If you are one of those many photographers who feels you are good at the technical aspects of photography but weak on composition, this safari is for YOU!

Meet at the top of the first indoor escalator coming up from the Crystal City Metro stop in Crystal City, Arlington Virginia.