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Happy 100th Birthday! A Nikon Users Safari

Happy 100th Birthday! A Nikon Users Safari

In honor of Nikon’s 100th birthday this year, we have put together a special safari designed to help Nikon users figure out their camera menus.

Do you have a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot ?  Bring it!  Have a Nikon D3000  or 5000 series?  Bring it!  Have one of the D7000 series or the new Nikon D500 ?  Bring it!  Wrestling with  a full frame Nikon D600 or D810 or D750?  Bring it!  Got a Nikon external flash unit like the SB-600/700/900? ?  Bring that too!

On this special safari Washington Photo Safari Director and long-time Nikon user    E. David Luria will help you figure out and make best use of ALL the bells and whistles on your camera   Can’t understand  the ISO settings?  Got ya covered!  Don’t know how to navigate the white balance color chart?  We’ll show you!  Didn’t know you could do Multiple Exposure or set Kelvin color temperatures?   We will help you with that!  Confused by all the 52-point autofocus settings?  We will make it all clear!  Wondering how to transmit images from your camera to your phone?  We’ll show you!   Travelling this summer and want to master your camera before you go? We are here for you! Are you giving a friend or spouse a Nikon camera?  Send them to this safari so they will learn how to use it!

And be sure to bring all the lenses you have for your Nikon camera, we will help you use them to best advantage AND give you suggestions on wide angle, macro, prime  and telephoto lenses available for your camera, some of them made by off-brand manufacturers like Sigma, Tamron and Tokina.

Our venue for this safari is the Kogod Courtyard Atrium of the National Portrait Gallery/ American Art Museum, one of the most beautiful indoor locations in Washington DC with its soft daylight coming through the lovely skylight.  We will first review each of the major menu categories (Playback,. Shooting, Custom Settings, etc.) and all the most important doodads on the cameras , plus we will go over some basic photographic principles of f stops and shutter speeds, white balance and ISO settings. We will show you how to use your Nikon to make moving people disappear or turn them into ghosts and teach you how to use your external flash.! We will then make our way through several of the art exhibits in the museum, teaching you how to shoot in low lighted museums and churches  and get accurate color. We will also take you to the architectural delights of the third floor Mezzanine, walking you through your camera menus to get the best images without a flash, and then we will take you outside to shoot a few scenes in nearby Gallery Place and Chinatown.

By the end of the safari you will be convinced that yes, your Nikon camera IS a lot better and , yes , it does a lot more than your phone!

About the Instructor:

E. David Luria is founder and director of the Washington Photo safari, now celebrating its 15th year teaching photography in the DC area.  Trained in Paris by a protégé of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mr. Luria is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and has had his images of DC appear in over 100 publications, guide books and postcards and on 30 magazine covers