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Three Day Safari in Washington, DC

Three Day Safari in Washington, DC

A Three Day Safari in Washington DC: A Photographer's Paradise in the Fall!  

The nation's capital is just a wonderful place to take pictures and to learn photography!  We have it all: statues, monuments to the nation's history, churches, museums, waterfalls, wild animals, a wide variety of architectural styles, and beutiful fall colors!

So Washington Photo Safari, one of the nation’s oldest and largest photography training programs, has designed a three-day photography package of six photo safaris  that offers basic training in camera use,  travel photography, architectural, and nature photography and includes all the major iconic memorials by day and by night, a morning at the Smithsonian National Zoo, a trek around DC’s famed Tidal Basin to photograph the cherry trees with beautiful fall colors, and  an insider’s view of Reagan Washington National Airport.

We have planned the three-day itinerary with special regard to people coming from out of town , allowing them to arrive in DC on Friday by noon check into a hotel and get to the first safari, and then depart on Sunday afternoon. Our last safari on Sunday even takes place at the airport!

Day 1: Friday, November 10, 2017

  • 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm  - F stops and Shutter Speeds Training at the Smithsonian Castle. If you feel your camera is smarter than you, if you are only using $100 worth of the features on your $600 camera, if you go on trips taking 500 pictures in the hope that 10 will come out, this safari is for you. Taking place in the lovely gardens of the Castle, this safari features Washington Photo Safari director and professional architectural photographer E. David Luria training you to be the boss of your camera. ($84)
  • 4:45 pm to 7:151 pm  - By night Washington DC is even prettier than it is in the daytime, especially in the deep blue of civil twilight about 30 minutes after sunset. On this Monuments at Night  safari instructor E. David Luria will train you to shoot on Manual Mode with a tripod to do nighttime cityscapes, a valuable skill to have when travelling to any city in the world. We start at the Lincoln Memorial and photograph the iconic view down the Reflecting Pool towards the Washington Monument, followed by a nighttime view of the Rosslyn, VA Skyline, across the Potomac River and the slow-shutter-speed-swirl of headlights and taillights of cars crossing Arlington Memorial Bridge and then go on to do the beautifully illuminated Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Three Servicemen Memorial at night. ($79)

Day 2: Saturday, November 11, 2017

  • 9:40 am to 1:15 pm  - This is an opportunity to participate in our most popular safari, Monuments and Memorials, which instructor E. David Luria begins with a 40-minute orientation on travel photography techniques in Lafayette Park, followed by picture-taking at the White House. We then go by car to the National Mall for daytime shots of the Albert Einstein Memorial, and the Lincoln, Korea and Vietnam Memorials by day, ending up inside Union Station to discuss interior photography without flash or tripod and how to use slow shutter speeds to make moving people disappear or turn them into ghosts! (Transportation from site to site is provided by Washington Photo Safari) .($89)
  • 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm  - For a change of pace, instructor E. David Luria meets you at the FDR memorial Bookstore and takes you around the Tidal Basin to photograph the FDR Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the beautiful cherry trees resplendent in fall colors.  You will also get an exclusive peek to Washington Photo Safari’s “Lady of the Blossoms” tree. Seen at a proper angle, it looks as though she is offering her blossoms to the Washington Monument across the Tidal Basin. (If you are participating in the morning Monuments safari, we will have lunch at union Station and then Mr. Luria will drive you to the FDR Memorial bookstore.)  $69

Day 3: Sunday November 12, 2017

  • 7:45 am to 10 am  - Sunday features an early-morning visit to the Smithsonian National Zoo, led by animal photography specialist David Sendzul, who knows where and when to get the best pictures of the tigers, the lemurs, the birds, the apes, and the panda bears, all of whom prefer to come outside in the cooler morning hoursagainst a backdrop of fall colors. For this safari you will want to bring your longest telephoto lens and a tripod or monopod. If you are planning a trip to Africa or other wildlife destinations, this safari will give you many tips on animal photography. ($99)
  • 1:45 pm to 4 pm -  Our final safari in this three-day series gives you exclusive  "insider and outsider access" with tripods to the beautiful Reagan Washington National Airportdesigned by Cesar Pelli Architects and inspired by the ribbed domes of Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello. Led by architectural photographer E. David Luria,  this safari guides you to exterior shots of the airport from the adjoining garage roof, and to close-ups of the built-in artwork at the airport. David also teaches you how to make all the moving passengers on the main concourse disappear with slow shutter speeds. It ends in the iconic Terminal A, the original airport terminal, with its Art Deco hallways and huge picture window view of the airfields.(If you are flying home from this airport, you can check your bags with the airline and then join the safari) ($79)

The three day-package gives you a 22% discount off of the full $499 retail price!