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Ridin’ The Rails With Your Camera:  A Photo Safari on the Washington Metro!

Ridin’ The Rails With Your Camera:  A Photo Safari on the Washington Metro!

Come join the Photography Underground by riding the rails with us on this early Sunday morning photo safari through the  Yellow, and Red Lines of the Washington METRO System. 

Washington Photo Safari director and professional photographer E. David Luria  will provide tips on low-light and mixed-light photography, taking pictures of the cavernous, vaulting ceilings at Gallery Place and Metro Center, how to photograph moving trains coming into a station, how to photograph the landmark views from outdoor stations at Reagan National Airport and Judiciary Square, how to make proper white balance and ISO adjustments, and how to photograph passing scenes from a moving train at varying shutter speeds. 

Our Metro-authorized safari begins inside behind the faregates at  the Terminal B Metro station in National Airport, where we photograph views of the airport as seen from the station.  Then we take the Yellow Line across the scenic 14th Street Bridge to Gallery Place, where we photograph the interesting station design and the colorful artwork. 

From there we continue to Judiciary Square, where we exit briefly to photograph the exterior of one of the most beautiful sights along the Red Line, the National Building Museum/ Pension Building. Finally, we then go back into Metro and travel to Metro Center to photograph the artistically intersecting tunnels.

Safari Details:

No tripods, no flash, please. Any camera will do, but "fast" SLR lenses such as a 50mm F1.4 or F1.8, or a 35 mm F1.8 are highly recommended for this safari. A wide angle lens will also come in handy, a fisheye is a great lens for this safari. Telephoto lenses are optional. (Mr. Luria will bring a Nikon-mount 10mm fisheye and a Nikon-mount 28mm PC shift lens to lend to clients during the safari). Your farecard should be good for one exit at Judiciary Square, and return fare if you are using METRO to return home. 

About the Instructor:

E. David Luria is an architectural photographer, a member of the American Society of Media Photographers, whose images of Washington DC have appeared in over 100 publications. His washington Photo Safari program has trained over 35,000 amateur photographers on 5,200 photo safaris since 1999 .