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Creative Forces of Nature – Artists’ Portraits Projected onto the Trees at Strathmore Hall!

Monuments: Creative Forces - Boundary-pushing Artists' Portraits Projected Onto The Trees at Strathmore Hall!

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Picture this: as dusk falls, you walk onto the rolling green of the 16-acre Strathmore grounds in Bethesda MD to see the moving, luminescent faces of boundary-pushing artists looking back at you from the trees.

This October, Strathmore welcomes us with an outdoor art installation that highlights artists’ essential work as contributors to the community. Australian artist Craig Walsh’s Monuments: Creative Forces will feature moving portraits of artists projected into the night sky, transforming trees into sculptural monuments and honoring the transformative work of the artists themselves.

Sound like fun? True to our traditions of taking you to new photographic adventures in the DC area, we, of course, have made a photo safari out of this spectacular event!

When we think of a monument, many picture a marble statue of a man from another time or, perhaps, a pillar. Walsh’s Monuments challenges that mental picture, expanding it to celebrate living members of our community, and swapping out chiseled marble for an ethereal face in the leaves of a tree.”

At Strathmore, Monuments will pay tribute to six artists whose work is changing the shape of our community in fundamental and essential ways. “A ‘Force of Nature’ can change the shape of the world,” says Brown. Through the installation, visitors will get to know the artists as humans first and foremost, preceding the art and achievements that have shaken the ground beneath them.

Walsh remarks on the fact that Monuments may be an ideal arts experience for this time, saying that “In a big public space, you can [physically distance] quite easily.” The nature of the installation is also such that “you can be in different parts of the space and have different experiences,” allowing visitors to move about the venue while engaging with the art in an ideal way.

This will be another in our series of nighttime photography workshops, with WPS Director and architectural photographer E. David Luria helping each client get the best images with proper exposure, composition, and white balance.

For this safari bring your camera, all your lenses, a tripod, and a flashlight to see your camera controls in the dark. Smartphones are acceptable.

Here is a link to information about this special exhibit:

$89 fee includes photographic instruction and admission to the event.