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Steps of Learning

Dazzled and bewildered by all the choices on our calendar? We understand!

Here are some step-by-step suggestions for people who are visiting Washington Photo Safari™ for the first timeBased on the experience of clients who have taken multiple Safaris since 1999:

Digital SafarisLearn a specific camera model, or get a handle on photo software

Check out our Safaris by Skill Sets. Attend one of our Canon or Nikon SLR camera-specific Safaris where we review all the camera’s menu items inside and outside the National Museum of the American Indian. We offer classes on how to take awesome photos with your iPhone, too!


Monuments and Memorials

Learn how to use that camera in the field

You’ve got to take our most popular Safari: Monuments and Memorials, a workshop in travel photography, offered every Wednesday and Saturday and occasional Sundays. Or check out our F Stops and Shutter Speeds offered on alternate Fridays and occasional weekend days, or our Monuments At Night Safari offered on alternate Friday evenings. If it’s spring, the best way to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms is with us!

Safari Themes and Topics

Explore topics that interest you

Explore our Safaris by Subject Matter where we have an extensive array of nature photography field trips or if you like taking pictures of people, we’ve got outdoor and indoor portraiture, which cover studio lighting, maternity or wedding photography. Architectural photography field trips to the National Cathedral, Franciscan Monastery, St. Matthews Cathedral, Anderson House and more; or nighttime cityscape photography, sunrise and moonset photography taught by David Luria. We’ve even got Pet Photography.

travel Safaris

Take your skills on the road.

We’ll go just about anywhere for a great shot! Join us in New York City, Philadelphia or Annapolis with Stephen Rosenbach, or Frederick County, Harpers Ferry, or the Shenandoah with Judy Reisman and John Witschey. We’re recently added a whole section in the Baltimore area taught by David Muse. We’ve gone really far away, too, to Paris, Amsterdam and Prague!

View our Safaris by Destination to see what’s coming up.

Choose what you want to!

If you would like a more intimate session, sign up for a Private Safari to learn the specific photography subjects that interest to you!