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New Smartphone Lenses

Smart Lenses are the latest trend that give your smartphone the ability to capture gorgeous pictures that approach the look of higher-end DSLR cameras.

Sony broke some serious ground in this area with their QX line of Smart Lenses, but now Kodak is trying to get back into the game with their announcement at the CES Show of their PixPro Smart Lens series.  These lenses will attach to your smartphone—the SL10 offers you a 10x optical zoom, video recording at 1080p, and comes with a 28-280mm wide angle lens with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and will retail for $199….while the SL25 lens has a 25X optical zoom and will retail for $299.  Both smart lenses feature WiFi to communicate with your smartphone.

Kodak sees how, more and more, people are using what’s already in their hand to take pictures.  They’re interested in taking advantage of this emerging market which, ultimately, is good news for the consumer looking for quality gadgets to enhance their photos.

These SL series Kodak Smart Lenses are slated to hit the market this Spring.

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Tips from the Expert: ISO Settings

“The ISO setting of your film or digital camera determines the sensitivity of your camera to light.  ISO 100 is low sensitivity and is used when you have bright sun.  ISO 1600 is high sensitivity and is used when you have low light, as in a church interior.  A higher ISO setting gives you a faster shutter speed, which is very desirable when using smaller apertures.” 

- E. David Luria, owner and founder of Washington Photo Safari

See more about David here!

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What is an F-Stop?

The F-Stop on a camera indicates the width of the aperture of the lens’ shutter, or how large an opening is provided for light to enter while taking a picture. 

Camera lenses were designed to work like the human eye: wide open eyes blur the background, squinted eyes sharpen the background.  Like our pupils, the camera shutter gets wider when entering a dark room; it gets smaller when entering a brightly lit place.

The size of the lens opening is measured in strange, illogical numbers called F-Stops, which go from a low F1.4 to a high of F36. 

To learn more about F-Stops, please click here for our upcoming F-Stops and Shutter Speeds class.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the National Gallery of Art

Fun facts about the gallery:

1. The only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the Americas, Ginevra de’Benci, is on display in the West Building.

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Repeating Patterns

Keep an eye out for repeating patterns—where you see them, there’s often a great composition waiting for you to isolate.
- Steve Rosenbach, Instructor at Washington Photo Safari

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Deep Freeze!

Stay warm out there everyone!  With the windchill here in DC, it feels like it is -4° outside right now!  To take our minds off of the weather, enjoy this photo.  Happy daydreaming!

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