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CEB Tower Observation Deck on a Full Moon

Take advantage of the bright moon

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Senior (Ages 65+)
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The CEB Tower on a Full Moon

Get ready to see 360 degrees for about 50 miles in either direction from windows that are even at a higher elevation than the Washington Monument!

The 12,000 square foot CEB Tower Observation Deck has two levels, one is an outside level with huge 10 feet tall and 3 inch thick glass panels designed to keep you from falling down into the city but, as a favor to photographers, they have graciously put 3-inch wide gaps in between the panels that are just wide enough for a camera lens to look through and get an unobstructed view of the city!

To the Southeast, there is the Pentagon and National Airport. To the northeast, you see the beautiful National Mall with all the monuments. To the north, you see the Kennedy Center, the Watergate complex, the Potomac River, Roosevelt Island, Washington Harbor, Georgetown University and, in the far distance, Washington National Cathedral.

And The Observation Deck also features a clever ” Windows Into History” display, with touch screen displays of famous and not so famous people who have shaped the history of the area. For example, when you look out the window at the Watergate complex, the display tells you the story of the Democratic National Campaign Committee secretary who discovered that some of her files were missing in 1972.