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Afternoon Light in Annapolis

Afternoon Light in Annapolis

Annapolis is a little city with a long history. Settled in 1649, the commercial and social life of this beautiful little town has been centered on its picturesque harbor, which is also a major tourist attraction.

This Safari includes visiting the State Capit0l and other historic buildings on State Circle, City Dock, Main Street and a foray across Spa Creek into Eastport, with its vistas of downtown Annapolis, the Naval Academy and the Chesapeake Bay, all bathed in afternoon light.

Your expert Annapolis-area instructor will go over techniques for architectural photography in order to take advantage of the historically significant buildings you’ll visit. We’ll lead you to lots of opportunities for shooting abstracts, using F-stops for blurred or sharpened backgrounds, closeups and other creative images. You’ll learn all about photographing intricate bow carvings and nautical ropes (among others), which will make your future travel photography more interesting and colorful!

A recent comment from one of Steve's clients:

"Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon in Annapolis. Both my dad and I got so much out of the safari and have taken away with us some great tips as well as some pretty good shots.
Thanks also for offering the pre-safari tutorial, it certainly helped me think about how to get the most out of my shots (as well as actually how to achieve it on my camera). It would be great if you pull share the presentation with us as a reminder of the recommendations.
Thanks again and I will definitely be signing myself up for another safari the next time I'm in DC."


About the Instructor:

Steve Rosenbach is an award-winning photographer and popular photo tour leader. An ex-New Yorker, he has lived in the Annapolis area for 20 years. Steve specializes in finding unusual images at any location and he will share this experience with you by taking you to the best photo locations and showing you the best picture angles during your Safari.