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Intermediate Indoor Portraiture

Intermediate Indoor Portraiture

You've seen classic portrait in books, magazines and websites.  Have you ever wondered how portrait photographers achieve that flattering look around the eyes and how they manage to have one side of the face slightly darker than the other? Also, how do they manage to achieve a pose and an expression that brings out the subject's personality?

 This workshop expands on the techniques covered in Beginner Indoor Portraiture, which - or equivalent portrait photography experience - is a prerequisite.for this course. It teaches the participants how to use window light and affordable studio lighting equipment to produce classic lighting patterns for a variety of facial positions. Demonstrating the use of a main light and a fill light to achieve that flattering triangular "butterfly" lighting pattern around one eye, and how to measure the amounts of light falling on each side of the face. A method is taught to determine which lighting patterns flatter each particular subject.

You should bring the following equipment: Camera and lenses in the range of 35 mm to 110 mm (i.e.  a normal lens and a moderate telephoto lens), but do not buy a telephoto lens if you do not own one.

Take advantage of the special offer to purchase all three indoor portraiture classes for $297, for a savings of $30.00 if you were to buy the classes individually!

The classes will be offered on the following dates:

Beginning: March 2
Intermediate: March 16
Advanced: March 30

Photo: Joseph Tessmer.

Safari Details:

Meet at Joe's studio in Alexandria, VA.

About the Instructor:

Instructor Joseph Tessmer has been awarded the Master of Photographer, Photographic Craftsman and Associate Fellow of Photography professional degrees. He has completed his term as governor of the Virginia Professional Photographers Association and is actively involved in the Washington metropolitan photographic community. Hundreds of his photographs have been published in national and international magazines. He has taught a variety of photography courses at the amateur and professional level. In recent professional competition one of his images won best of show and two others received Court of Honor ribbons and have been included in the photography international loan collection. Currently his work is on display at Dulles International Airport to welcome visitors to Washington.