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Baltimore’s Mount Vernon Photo Safari

Baltimore’s Mount Vernon Photo Safari

Mount Vernon is one of Baltimore’s oldest and most fashionable neighborhoods. Centered on Baltimore’s 1815 Washington Monument, four small, formal parks radiate to the cardinal points of the compass, and beautiful, classically-designed buildings line the parks. 

More than a tour, this an architectural  photography workshop, led by a professional photographer who knows all the best angles for picture taking in each venue and who will cover topics including: 

• How to properly use your digital camera on a tripod to make the best use of your camera’s and lens’ features (it’s different than back in the film days!) 

• How to take good architectural photos indoors

• How to do a custom white balance to adjust for the mix of daylight and artificial lighting 

• How to deal with indoor lighting extremes by taking multiple photos on tripod (HDR photography.) 

• Hands-on instruction and critique of images and their composition while they are being taken, so that corrections can be made immediately 

On this Safari, we’ll photograph the Monument, the parks and their unique marble and bronze sculptures, and the surrounding buildings. 

One of the highlights of this tour is the interior of the Peabody Library (1878) one of the most beautiful in the world, described as a “cathedral of books.”

We’ll also visit the nearby Baltimore Basilica, the first cathedral built in the United States (1806,) and a designated national shrine. The Basilica was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the first professionally-trained architect of our new republic, and Thomas Jefferson’s Architect of the U.S. Capitol.

This Safari is for ALL skill levels, including beginners - Steve will show you everything you need to know to make compelling images at these sites. 

About the Instructor:

Steve Rosenbach is an award-winning photographer and popular photo tour leader. A former Manhattanite, he has lived in the Annapolis area for 30 years. Steve specializes in finding unusual images at any location and he will share this experience with you by taking you to the best photo locations and showing you the best picture angles during your Safari.