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Do It Yourself Specialty Workshops

Washington Photo Safari is pleased to announce it is offering specialized do-it-yourself photography training workshops for professionals employed in interior design photography, travel photography, portrait photography, event photography, food and restaurant photography, corporate photography and more! Why pay a professional photographer hundreds of dollars when you can learn to do it yourself?

Are you an interior designer who needs professional quality photos to show potential clients?

Are you a travel writer or tour guide who needs good travel photos to showcase your work or venues?

Are you an artist who needs to have your work photographed for the web?

Are you a restaurant owner, chef, or food blogger who needs food photography?

Are you a real estate agent, or property manager, builder, or developer needing professional architectural photography for your listings?

Are you the company communications officer always being asked to take pictures of important events?

Or are you an executive who needs good headshots of yourself and your staff for the company website?

Washington Photo Safari offers specialty “Do It Yourself Photography” workshops that will recommend equipment and teach you the techniques needed to do your own quality work at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional photographer

These workshops, offered during the work week, can be conducted on-site or in office boardrooms, may qualify for Continuing Education Units in your profession, for tax deductions as professional education expense costs, or for reimbursement by your employer. Discounts are available for groups of 5 or more people from the same company/organization.

Each of the specialized workshops can be conducted on weekdays in your office, conference room, or any appropriate venue. Some workshops may be eligible for Continuing Education Unit credits, and for tax deductibility as a professional education expense. At just $79/person, these workshops offer an economical alternative to paying a professional hundreds of dollars for photography services.

Architectural photography

For real estate agents, homeowners, architects, travel writers, apartment managers, developers,  bed and breakfast, Airbnb, condominium managers, and tourism professionals.

Art photography

For painters, sculptors, and crafts people who wish to showcase their art for web and promotional use.

Food and restaurant photography

For chefs, bakers, restaurant owners, and food bloggers.

Interior design photography

For interior designers, magazine writers, homeowners, real estate agents, and home furnishing sales executives.

Child Photography /Ghost Photography

For children’s book writers, and child care personnel.

Product photography

For people selling products, jewelry and crafts, artisan works, or owners of home-based businesses.

Journalism photography

For association executives, public relations, communications and marketing officials of nonprofit organizations, church officials and volunteers, newsletter editors.

Event photography

For event planners, marketing specialist, public relations and communications professionals, and office managers.

Flower and Garden Photography

For gardeners, florists, and landscape designers.

Nature photography

For naturalists, parks and recreation officials, nature bloggers, and environmentalists.

Travel, Street,  and Nighttime photography

For travel writers and tourism professionals.

Self-Portrait Headshot photography

For corporate executives, marketing professionals, employees needing pictures for website and resume use.

Discounts are given for groups of five or more persons from the same company or organization. The minimum group size is 5 people;  the maximum group size is 15 people.  Cost is $79/person, $69 for 5 or more/company. Contact Washington Photo Safari director E. David Luria personally at or 202-669-8468  for further information.