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Ask Us About These Safaris

  • Ask Us About This Safari

This Byzantine-style church, modeled after Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia, is a photographer’s dream. Its classic arches, lovely statuary, magnificent gardens and unique inscriptions provide a great training ground for architectural photography and for posing people in a beautiful, floral setting, with the instructor providing tips on composition, lighting and exposure.

Our itinerary also includes the interior of the church for tips on interior photography and stained glass window photography without flash.

Fee includes $10 donation to the Monastery.


Twice each year, President’s Day and Columbus Day, the Library of Congress opens its magnificent Main Reading Room to share information about how the public can access the Library’s resources year-round. Since this is one of the few days each year when they allow the public into this space, we want to give you a chance to photograph inside this most spectacular part of the Library of Congress!