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Marine Corps Museum, Quantico, VA

Experience What it is Like to be a Marine at the Marine Corps Museum

Quick Details

The U.S. Marines have built a spectacular $120 million facility in nearby Quantico that tells the history of the Marine Corps from 1774 to the present, with separate galleries devoted to such major conflicts as World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and Korea. Each gallery is a treasure-trove of great photo opportunities.
TRIPODS ARE ALLOWED (unlike any other museum you have ever been in!)
Situated on a 135-acre site adjacent to Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, and under the command of Marine Corps University, the Museum’s soaring design evokes the image of the flag-raisers of Iwo Jima and beckons visitors to this 120,000-square-foot structure. World-class interactive exhibits using the most innovative technology surround visitors with irreplaceable artifacts and immerse them in the sights and sounds of Marines in action.
Most of the artifacts and figures are out in the open, not behind glass, so that you can get really low and close for dramatic images.
You will need a tripod and gloves inside the super-cool dark wintry gallery devoted to the Korean War, with shells bursting around you in the freezing cold. You can get your camera right into the faces of life-size Marines in full combat gear. (If you do not come away with great pictures, you will be required to do 50 pushups!)
The instructor will teach you how to get strong action shots inside this museum, using the white balance functions of your camera. Join our carpools from DC to meet at Museum entrance off of Quantico exit on I-95.
NOTE: Military members, veterans and their families receive a 15% discount on this safari!  Enter SERVMil in the Discount Code section when registering.