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Composition – The Essence of Good Photography!

  This photograph by AP photographer Muhammed Sajjad, published in the Washington Post shows displaced people transporting their belongings from their home as they fled a flooded area near Peshawar Pakistan, where the death toll has passed 1,000 since flash-flooding began in mid-June.  We want to show it to you because it is a beautifully…

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September 13, 2022

Dr. Percita Ellis LOVES Washington Photo Safari!

Dr. Percita Ellis photographing food at Uptown Market during our Photos Food and Fun photo safari “One of my favorite past-times is to go on the Washington Photo Safari (WPS) website to see scheduled Safaris that are available. I can honestly say that I check it out at least once a day, and usually a…

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August 31, 2022

What are Focus Modes and Why are They Important?

Today’s digital cameras offer two main ways of controlling the focus on your camera – Manual and Autofocus. Manual Mode is just like it sounds – the photographer controls the focus (instead of the camera) and manually turns the focus ring on the lens to bring the image into focus. This form of focus is useful…

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August 22, 2022

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole, WY attracts thousands of visitors each year who love the outdoors and want to experience all that Mother Nature has to offer. The wildlife and surrounding mountains is a unique corner of the rugged west where you’ll view animals and plants that you may never see elsewhere. Here are ten things about Jackson Hole that may surprise…

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August 5, 2022

Five Ways to Improve Your Photography

Looking for ways to improve your photography? Here are five suggestions: Try a new genre of photography. There are a multitude of genres that you probably haven’t tried – Abstract, Macro, Creative lighting, Street to name a few.  Experiment with the settings on your camera – use settings that are considered “wrong”. For instance, change…

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July 19, 2022

The Lincoln Memorial at 100

  The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated 100 years ago, on May 30, 1922. At that time, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day. Lincoln’s only surviving son, Robert Todd Lincoln, attended the dedication ceremony. The ceremony included the following speakers: President Warren G. Harding, former President and Chief Justice of the United States William Howard Taft (who…

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June 22, 2022

The National Mall – L’Enfant’s Vision

  In 1791, Pierre L’Enfant was hired by President George Washington to create a plan for the capital city, which became known as Washington, DC. In his proposal, L’Enfant included a public promenade that stretched from the Capitol all the way to the Potomac River, which is now called the Mall. While the Mall was…

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June 11, 2022

Things You Didn’t Know About the National Gallery of Art…

  The National Gallery of Art is one of the top three art museums in the United States by annual visitors. It is the only one that has no admission fee, and according to The Art Newspaper (March 28, 2022), in 2021 the NGA attracted 1,704,606 visitors, ranking fifth on the list of most visited art…

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May 16, 2022

Clouds and the Power of Photography

In the September 15, 2021 edition of the WPS Newsletter, there was an article about the power of photography in a person’s life. Here is a poignant story of the power of photography for a young girl. One of our clients, Dr. Percita Ellis, a pediatrician, often proposes the use of photography with some of…

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February 28, 2022

Tips for Taking Pictures in the Snow!

Here are some tips to help you get better pictures in the snow: 1) Composition: You can take good – or bad – pictures with any camera! The key to a good photograph is its composition, the placement of elements in a scene that results in a visually appealing photograph that is interesting, one that…

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February 2, 2022

6 Questions to Answer Before Pressing the Shutter…

WAIT! Before you push that shutter button, answer these 6 questions: Who? What? Why? When? Where? How? These are the questions that should be posed by any journalist writing a story or any photographer taking a picture. WHO is the client? Whether you are taking the picture as a hobbyist or as a professional photographer…

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January 17, 2022

A New Year’s Message From WPS Founder and Director E. David Luria

Why do we enjoy taking pictures? Why can’t we just EXPERIENCE life without having to bring that little box up to our eyes to photograph it? I think it’s because our cameras (and now our phones) are really little magic machines, devices capable of doing things no human can do! They can stop time, see in…

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January 10, 2022