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A Few Photography Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind


Ballantrae Farm Estate, McLean, VA

Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment when we are out photographing that we forget the very basic tips and tricks that help us create that memorable shot! Here are a few reminders:

  • Learn which settings matter – there are a million combinations of aperture, shutter speed and ISO – learn which ones will achieve the look you envision.
  • Work with your composition – know the basics of how to compose good photos.
  • Pay attention to the edges of your composition – they have an impact on the overall “feel” of your image.
  • Pay attention to the light – balance the light’s intensity between the subject and the background. Go out early and late when the light is not harsh.
  • Take your time – double-check camera settings, pay attention to composition, lighting, and focus points.
  • Move your feet to find the best angle, to change the relative sizes and positions of objects; get low and close!
  • Embrace the “less is more” philosophy and avoid clutter which detracts from your image.
  • Work the scene in front of you – try not to have a preconceived idea of how a scene should look. Instead, embrace its strengths.
  • Don’t work around your weak points by reverting to the “tried and true” methods. Instead, work on fixing them. Analyze what you don’t understand and then spend the necessary time to learn it.
  • Shoot a lot and experiment – the more you experiment and the more photos you take, the better your photos will be! Learn to translate the image in your head and the emotions you feel into a photograph that makes others experience the same thing.
  • Finally, have fun! The best photographers are the ones that have the most fun with taking pictures!

Photo by Sherryl Belinsky

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