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A Special Canon EOS R Series Mirrorless Camera Users Photo Safari

Learn How to Use ALL the Features on Your Canon Mirrorless Camera!

Quick Details


Note: This safari is for photographers who have a basic understanding of photography and are comfortable setting the shutter speed and aperture.

Do you have a Canon EOD R5, R6, or R7? Bring it with you on this photo safari and you will learn about some of the awesome features your mirrorless camera has to offer. Owners of the other Canon EOS R series mirrorless cameras are welcome but some of the features covered in class may not be available on your camera.

On this Washington Photo Safari, Nancy, a Canon EOS R5 enthusiast, will help you figure out and make best use of the bells and whistles on your camera’s menu. Can’t understand the various autofocus settings? Got ya covered! Don’t know how to use focus bracketing? We’ll show you! Do you want to learn how to upgrade the firmware on your camera or RF lens? We’ll show you!

Most Canon EOS R series cameras have 7 major menu sections: Shooting, Autofocus, Playback, Wireless Features, Set-up, Custom Functions and My Menu. We will cover each of these menu groups.

Didn’t know you could do Multiple Exposures (2 or 3 or 4 exposures on the same frame) or set Custom Shooting Modes? We will help you with that! Can’t get your wireless remote to work? We fix that! Wondering how to how to use focus peaking with manual focus? We’ll show you! Are you giving a friend or spouse a Canon EOS R series camera for the holidays? Send them to this safari so they will learn how to use it!

And, if you are thinking of upgrading to Canon mirrorless camera, this safari will help you understand what you are missing in the camera you may have now.

We will meet at the Kogod Courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery at 8th and G Streets, for this class. We will spend about 1.5 hours covering the features of the Canon EOS R series cameras and then will walk around the building and grounds to practice what you have learned for about an hour. Nancy will walk around with you and answer your questions.

To get the best images on this workshop, you will need a Canon EOS R series camera, your favorite lens (either an RF lens or EF lens with an EF to RF adapter) at any focal length should work but a mid-range lens is recommended, 24-70mm or 24-105mm. Make sure your batteries are fully charged and you have enough room on your memory card. If you have a wireless remote (Canon BR-E1) and would like help connecting it to your camera, bring it with you.

Here is what one client had to say about the Canon R5 safari:

Thank you for the Canon Mirrorless class. Nancy is an outstanding instructor. She provided great insights on the capabilities of my R5 and I learned a great deal.”  Bill O.