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  • Ask Us About This Safari

YES! You Can Outsmart Your Camera! A Photo Safari To Answer Your Favorite 20 Questions!

A safari designed to answer the 20 most commonly asked questions we get on our safaris

Quick Details


The Safari takes place in a gorgeous venue that offers many opportunities to take pictures that answer those questions, the inside and outside areas of the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, with is spectacular architecture, beautiful works of art, and the magnificent outdoor fountains and glass pyramids designed by famed architect I.M.. Pei.

Bring your camera, its manual, a tripod, a level, a circular polarizing filter, and a No. 9 neutral density Filter. We suggest a wide angle lens such as a 10-20 mm , or an 11-16mm for wider fields of view on a cropped-sensor DX body, or a 16-24 mm on a full frame FX camera body

1) How do I get the correct focus? The camera often seizes and won’t focus, or it focuses on something I did not want.
2) How do I keep my pictures from being blurry when I put them on the computer? They looked good on my little LCD screen!
3) How can I keep the flash from popping up when the museum sign says I am not allowed to use the flash?
4) How can I make my landscape pictures as pretty as what I saw? I love to do landscapes and mountaintop views, but these pictures are often boring, they do not capture what I saw!
5) What is ISO and what does it have to do with shutter speed and why do I have to worry about it?
6) How can I get the background to be really blurred? Or sharp? Is there an easy-to remember way tp understand F stops?
7) Why are my indoor pictures too yellow, and my outdoor pictures too blue? And what does the Kelvin Scale do?
8) Why are my pictures on overcast or cloudy days always l too dark?
9) Why does my camera offer all these focus and metering modes and what do I do with them?
10) How do I stop fast-moving kids, people, and cars?
11) Do I really need to take a tripod when I travel! It’s so HEAVY and BULKY!
12) Should I shoot RAW or JPEG, does it matter?
13) What is the difference between Auto Mode and the “P” or “Program,” Mode?
14) What lenses do I really need for the photography I want to do, and what is the difference between “prime” lenses and “zoom” lenses? How do I make sense out of focal length numbers? And why are some lenses so very expensive?
15) What is the minimum recommended shutter speed when I hand-hold my camera?
16) Why does my camera offer so many shooting modes, like S, or One Shot, Or Servo/ Continuous, or Mirror Up, or Self Timer, or Remote?
17) How can I make moving cars and people disappear and how do I get those nice streaking headlights and taillights at night?
18) How do I get my off-camera flash to keep up with the rapid-shooting mode of my camera?
19) What do the Exposure Lock (AEL) and Focus Lock (AFL) and Exposure Compensation (+-) buttons do?
20) How do I get that nice silky water look on waterfalls and fountains, surf, and rivers