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Photo Workshop for Real Estate Agents

Because good pictures sell houses, Washington Photo Safari – one of the country’s largest provider of hands-on photography training field trips-announces a new photo safari designed to help real estate agents improve the images of their listed homes. This 2 ½ -hour workshop, given by professional architectural photographer E. David Luria, will take place in a listed home chosen by the agents. Agents should bring their own camera, an external flash unit, and a tripod.

Topics covered include:

  • How to make small interior spaces look larger
  • How to use flowers, trees, and bushes to best advantage for good composition
  • How to find the best camera angles  for interior and exterior shots
  • How to keep your vertical lines as straight as possible for professional photos
  • How to take close-up pictures of exterior architectural details
  • How to get rid of white overexposed windows in room shots without Photoshop
  • How to balance indoor and outdoor lighting on interior shots
  • How to double and triple the flash output of small digital cameras
  • How to make lens and filter choices for real estate photography

This special photo safari can take place any weekday at a location and time convenient to the agents who sign up. The cost is $69/person, which includes instructional materials.

Since its establishment in 1999, Washington Photo Safari has trained over 34,500 participants in the basic techniques of travel and landmark photography by taking them around the monuments of the nation’s capital and showing them how to take great pictures.  Special classes are also given in nighttime, event, nature,  and architectural photography. Due to 5-star customer reviews, the program has received Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence every year since 2014.

Washington Photo Safari founder and director, E. David Luria is an architectural photographer whose images have appeared in over100 publications, including TIME and the Washington Post’s Apartment Showcase, and on the covers of 30  magazines. A charter member of the Assoc. of Independent Architectural Photographers, he has photographed over 2,500 commercial and private properties in the Washington DC area. Trained in Paris by a protégé of Henri Cartier Bresson, Mr. Luria is a graduate of Amherst College and a US Army veteran.

For reservations, call 202-669-8468 or email [email protected].