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Private Safaris

Washington Photo Safari offers customized Private session to learn the specific photography subjects that interest you. Enjoy the benefits of a private safari with E. David Luria or Sean Quintilian.

Private Safaris with E. David Luria

A private lesson with Luria

These can take place at a suitable architectural site, in a museum, or even over coffee at Starbucks. Subjects covered can include:

  • General Photography & Use of Camera: get acquainted with the various functions of your camera and different shooting subjects, develop your eye for composition and master exposure levels. Fully customizable for you based on your skill and interest level
  • F-Stops and Shutter Speeds: achieve blurry backgrounds with sharp foregrounds, sharpen food shots or master stop-motion photography
  • Candid Outdoor Photography of Kids: a child at play will elicit big smiles all around. Never miss a moment for snapping your kid or grandchild at play, achieving milestones and interacting with the world around them
  • Architectural Photography: develop techniques for exterior and interior architectural photography, such as timing for best sunlight, maintaining straight verticals, shooting angels, use of filters, balance of indoor and outdoor light and picture composition
  • Photographing Artwork Inside Museums and Galleries: develop skills and techniques for using mixed indoor lighting with no flash and no tripod
  • Nighttime Photography: develop your nighttime photography skills for using a tripod, no flash, and long exposure to produce high-quality images
  • Travel Photography: make your pictures worth a thousand words by having your camera at the ready for both posed and candid photo moments
  • Event Photography: Learn to capture the essence of an event and tell its story with your photos. E. David Luria will give you personal instruction on using photography techniques in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of a ceremony, meeting, or other events.
  • Careers in Photography: thinking of making the transition over to a photography career? Take it from someone who has been there! We can coach you on ways to monetize your photography skills, marketing your business and much more.

Nature and Animal Safaris with Sean Quintilian

Wildlife photos

We also offers private tutoring in nature and animal photography with nature specialist Sean Quintilian. Sessions can be customized to your specific interests and skill set. Some common sessions include:

  • Big Lens Coaching: if you plan to buy some Big Glass or you have some you’re not confident using yet, this session will focus on how to get the best image quality with your large lenses. Attention will be paid to panning technique, proper support and purchasing advice and selection (if needed).  If you’re in the market for a large lens, you can use the instructors’ personal lens while making your decision
  • Birds in Flight: One on one tutoring on how to capture great images of birds in flight. Special attention will be paid to proper panning technique and proper support of larger lenses as well as selecting the right lens to get the job done. Learn how to fine tune your DSLR for flight shots. Location changes with seasons but may include Snow Geese at Middle Creek, PA in Feb., Bald Eagles at Conowingo, MD in Nov and Dec
  • One-on-One at the Zoo: spend 4 hours at one of our local Zoo’s (National, Baltimore or Zoo America) while developing  or fine tuning a solid foundation on the basics of nature and wildlife photography. Time will be spent on ISO, white balance, composition, shutter speed and aperture, flash use, camera modes as well as evaluating your current gear and planning future purchases
  • Shenandoah National Park: A full day of private instruction catered to your skill level and subject wishes! Enough time to learn nature and wildlife techniques and time to practice them in a great location on subjects as diverse as waterfalls, sunset, wildflowers, whitetail deer and possibly black bears and timber rattlesnakes. Instruction can include: shutter speed and aperture, lenses and perspective, filters for nature photography, ISO choice, white balance, camera modes for nature, proper tripod selection to name a few
  • You Name It: E-mail us and we will see what we can put together for you.