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A Special Nikon Camera Users Virtual Photo Safari on Zoom!

Learn how to use all the features on your Nikon Camera from a Pro!

Quick Details


A recent survey revealed that 40% of WPS clients use Nikon cameras (followed by Canon at 32%), so we have organized a special training safari for any Nikon camera user needing professional help!

Do you have a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot ? Bring it! Have a Nikon D3100 or D3300 or 5500 ? Bring it! Have one of the D7000 series or the full frame Nikon D610 or the D750 or D780? Bring it! Have you moved to one of the new mirrorless Z6 or Z7 cameras and their new lenses? Bring it!

On this special safari conducted on Zoom, Washington Photo Safari Director and Nikon user E. David Luria and will help you figure out and make best use of ALL the bells and whistles on your camera’s menu   Can’t understand the ISO settings? Got ya covered! Don’t know how to navigate the white balance color chart? We’ll show you!

Most Nikon digital cameras have 6 major menu sections: Playback, Photo Shooting, Movie Shooting, Custom Setting, Setup and Retouch. We will cover each of these menu groups.

Didn’t know you could do Multiple Exposures (2 or 3 or 4 exposures on the same frame) or set Kelvin temperatures?   We will help you with that! Confused by all the 52-point autofocus settings? We will make it all clear! Wondering how to transmit images from your camera to your phone? We’ll show you!   Are you giving a friend or spouse a Nikon camera for the holidays? Send them to this safari so they will learn how to use it!

And, if you are thinking of upgrading to a higher level (and more expensive) Nikon, this safari will help you understand what you are missing in the camera you may have now.

Mr. Luria will also recommend which lenses (Nikon or other brand) are best for the type of photography you wish to do and he will give you suggestions on where to buy good-quality used equipment and where to sell your present camera bodies and lenses.

Here is what safarians say about the class:

I found the class to be very helpful in getting me up to speed on my new camera.  I really enjoyed how patient and fun you made navigating the menus and answering the very specific question I had.  It really feels like you are sitting down with a friend and talking photography.
Catherine H.

I immediately signed up for the “Nikon DSLR Virtual Photo Workshop” which was hosted by Mr. Luria himself. Wow, what an amazing experience! The virtual small group setting allowed Mr. Luria to be able to instruct us as a group on the different features of Nikon DSLRs as well as answer each participant’s questions about the workings of their individual models. By the end of the workshop, a participant couldn’t help but feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about their camera.
Percita E., MD, Lexington, VA

Excellent session. Greatly appreciated.
Gary G., Fredericksburg, VA

Thanks for an informative and enjoyable evening! I have quite a bit of new information to work with. Looking forward to doing some photography this summer!
Christina S., Norfolk, VA