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Looking toward 2024 with (Photographic) Anticipation!

Happy New Year

We wish all of our clients and friends a very Happy New Year as we enter 2024, the 25th Anniversary year of Washington Photo Safari with 45,500 customers who have signed up for more than 6,600 photo safaris since 1999 and have given us hundreds of 5 star reviews!

You have made us one of the largest and most popular photo instruction programs for amateur photographers in the country! Thank you!

We have many big plans and photo adventures to send us up, up, and away in 2024, including special sessions for smartphone users and a a repeat of our very popular Hot Air Balloons Over Rockbridge County photo safari on July 5-7

Whether you have a camera or a phone, come join us in our 25th Anniversary year!

As we look toward all the possibilities and opportunities that the new year presents, it is worth outlining a course of action to improve our photography skills (and ultimately our images) in the coming year. Below is a list of items to consider.

While it is not necessary to embrace each one, they are all ways which will improve or enhance your photography!

  • Explore every undiscovered camera feature – work with the gear you have instead of thinking about the gear you want to have next.
  • Use less gear – take a camera and ONE lens and see what you can capture with it.
  • Learn how to see light and how to use it
  • Understand the “Why” of photography – such as why the image looks a particular way when specific settings are used.
  • Learn and use Custom White Balance
  • Try using photo filters such as graduated color filters
  • Let your photography evolve as you learn new techniques, using the learned techniques to create new genres of images that you might not have considered in the past
  • As we have said before, the best way to improve your photography is to go out with your camera and create images! Not sure what to shoot? Here are some ideas:
  • Take a good, penetrating look at the things we encounter on a regular basis – you just might start seeing something new
  • Take a random word or idea and try and photograph it. For instance, create photographs based on a color, light or texture.
  • Work on a Personal Project
  • Create a monthly photo essay to improve your visual storytelling skills
  • Look at photos that inspire you and study them closely – what is it that really attracts you?
  • Learn new post-processing techniques in the software of your choice
  • Attend photography workshops and other learning opportunities (WPS can help here! Visit our website for a full list of safaris from January to June 2024!)

In our 25th Anniversary year, we look forward to working with you to teach you new skills while taking you to some of the most iconic locations in Washington, DC!

Happy New Year!

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