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Natural Light Portrait Photography with Vickie Gray – Annapolis

Demystify the Art of Natural Light Portraiture in Historic Annapolis with Vickie Gray

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Does natural light photography seem unnatural to you? Would you like to take creative portraits of friends and family, or add outdoor portraiture to your photography services? Maybe experiment with portraits that are a bit moody and artistic? Then this safari is right up your alley!

Join portrait photographer Vickie Gray as she helps demystify the art of natural light portraiture. She will share tips and techniques for taking compelling, artistic portraits using available light, and help you navigate the challenges involved with photographing subjects in all types of conditions. You’ll learn about the natural light portrait triangle” background, posing, lens selection, and how to apply them according to the lighting available at your location. We’ll use reflectors to add light or provide shade from bright sun, and provide guidance for post-processing your photos to create dramatic, fun images.

The safari will take place in Annapolis at the historic City Dock, both along the waterfront and in the lively entertainment district. A model will be available for you to direct We’ll look for unique and interesting backgrounds, including using some of the many decorative lights throughout the area as a compositional element.

Wear comfortable shoes, as there will be a little walking.