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Sunrise over Washington, from Arlington!

Learn how to photograph sunrises at one of the best places in the DC area - the Netherlands Carillon Plaza in Arlington!

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Like to get up early? Want to learn how to photograph sunrises? Then you have to get out there long before the sun comes up! And one of the best places to do that in DC is from a choice location in Arlington, right across the Potomac River!

This safari conducted by Washington Photo Safari Director E. David Luria gives participants the opportunity to photograph the sun as it begins to rise in the east behind the illuminated U.S. Capitol building, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial, all neatly aligned in your viewfinder from this vantage point on an west-to-east axis of the National Mall.

Then, after sunrise, we walk over to the Iwo Jima statue, as the sun projects its golden light onto the heroic 36-foot tall soldiers of the US Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington. Mr. Luria will work with you to assure that you get the correct exposure and white balance into your images, shooting on the manual Mode, and using the Kelvin color temperature scale if your camera has that feature.

Iwo Jima Memorial at Dawn

Cloud formations in the sky will make your pictures even more interesting and dramatic. If we are lucky, there will be some nice low-lying fog on the Potomac! Bring your camera, all your lenses and a tripod and a flashlight.

Why do you come on a Washington Photo Safari? Our 39,000 clients tell us it is because we know where the best pictures are! After decades of living in DC, we have scoped out all the best locations for you! This is one of them!

Masking and social distancing required.