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Multiple Exposure: Changing Reality with Your Camera, on Zoom!

Learn how to use the Multiple Exposure Function on your camera to create an alternate reality - on Zoom!

Quick Details


Take a look at the above picture of the new Daniel Patrick Moynihan Train Hall which has just been completed in New York City next to Pennsylvania Station. (Photo Credit: Bryan Derballa, New York Times)

This new structure was built to provide an additional entrance to the tracks at Pennsylvania Station and to evoke the old soaring, beautiful Pennsylvania station structure which was torn down in the 1950s.

The photograph looks like an artist’s rendering, right?

It is not an artist’s rendering, it is a 10 -shot multiple exposure photograph .

In other words the photographer, Bryan Derballa of the New York Times, took 10 pictures on the same frame so the photograph is actually a compilation of 10 separate images into one image, and all of this was done within the camera and not in Photoshop.

Most of the higher-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras these days have a multiple exposure option in their shooting menus. Check to see if you have it on your camera, and ,if so ,you might enjoy joining us for this new Zoom session on how to operate the multiple exposure option so that you too can get several pictures in the same frame.

We have been doing this for years in teaching clients how to move the full moon across the sky when we photograph the moon rise in Washington DC. The moon generally does not come up above the monuments, it comes up far to the left or far to the right and so the challenge is how to move it and place it right over the monuments.

A full red moon over the Nation's monuments

This is done with the multiple exposure option.

So in this 2-hour session on Zoom we will teach you how to do that with your camera right in the comfort of your home, showing you how to change reality.

Here is what a participant had to say about the Zoomfari:

Fun and interesting session with David and Justine on multiple exposures. David was patient, instructive and creative. Looking forward to another workshop.” Stephanie B.

When things get back to normal in Washington, DC we will offer this Safari in a train station or an airport so that you can get a multiple exposure shot similar to the one in the photograph above.

In the meantime, check your camera manual to see if it offers the multiple exposure option and follow its directions. Be sure to bring the manual to the zoom session.