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Smooth Waters At The World War II Memorial

Smooth Waters At The World War II Memorial | Washington Photo Safari

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The World War II Memorial photographs best at night! The low light is perfect to turn the fountains into silky, smooth shaped bodies of water. And doing that is easy. With the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in the vicinity, they can also be included artistically in your images. All they need is you with your camera and a sturdy tripod!

Join Angela Maloney, an art photographer whose work has been published and written about in the US and overseas, as she shows you the secrets of photographing water while including structures in and around the World War II Memorial.

This photo Safari will begin with the words “please set your camera to M for manual” and a basic explanation of why manual is the most powerful mode to use in photography and what the photography settings you will control actually does. From there, we will apply that knowledge as we take photos on and around the Memorial. Angela will provide individual assistance to each student to maximize the opportunity for great photos!

Don’t forget to bring a sturdy tripod. It will be essential. You will learn to use it to steady your camera while you learn the secrets of shutter speed and composition to capture memorable photos of the World War II Memorial and the surrounding monuments.