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Photo Critique Session with French Pastry and Cafe Au Lait!

Have Your Photos Critiqued by a Professional Photographer While Enjoying a French Pastry and Café au Lait!

Quick Details

Non-photographer Companion

Whether you are a hot-shot photographer or modestly feel you need help with your composition, this is your opportunity to get a professional photographer’s opinion of your work. We are committed to telling the truth, nicely, if you can HANDLE the truth!

Bring 6 to 10 of your favorite photos, good or bad, and one of our professional photography instructors will review them with you and make suggestions for improvement. You can bring them in print form or as digital images on your own laptop or tablet screen.

We will be seated in a nice air-conditioned French pastry café near Dupont Circle, or on their shaded outdoor patio reserved just for our session, and while your photos are being reviewed we will all be served a French pastry and beverage of your choice, included in the fee!

And, in keeping with the French theme of this safari, we are showing you above one of the classic black and white images taken by French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, famous for capturing “the decisive moment” in his photographs.

We will begin the session with a short talk on the elements of good photo composition, Then, one or two of our three professional WPS photography- instructors, Elody Crimi, Alain Gutierrez, and, David Luria, will review your photographs from the point of view of composition and technical quality, looking at such features as leading lines, foreground elements, cropping, framing, as well as sharpness, technical quality, white balance, and focus.

This is also a great way to get to know some of your fellow photo Safarians, some of whom have been on dozens of photo tours with Washington Photo Safari.

You are welcome to bring a non-photographer companion or spouse for whom we will provide separate tables so that they can commiserate about what it is like to live with a photo enthusiast like YOU, or they can choose to roam about the beautiful architecture of the Dupont Circle area.