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The F Stops Here! A Photo Confab with French Pastry and Café Au Lait!

Meet with fellow photographers to discuss photography tips, techniques and gear while enjoying a French Pastry and Café Au Lait

Quick Details

Non-Photographer Companion

Here is GREAT opportunity for you to ruin your appetite for dinner while sharing tips that can improve your photography!

In this unique Photo Safari, the first of its kind offered by Washington Photo Safari, we will gather around a shaded, quiet, private outdoor patio table at a French pastry shop near Dupont Circle in downtown DC and exchange information with each other on any topic of interest to you as a photographer, while you are served with a delicious French pastry and a Cafe Au Lait, Espresso, or a cup of tea!

Led by Washington Photo Safari Director E. David Luria, we will informally jibber-jabber for 2 hours over a broad range of photo topics that include:

Camera equipment you have found useful, including lenses, flash, filters, tripods, loupes, GPS location indicators, etc, and where to buy/sell used equipment;

Your favorite locations for photography in the DC area;

The benefits of joining a local Camera Club;

New techniques you have developed to enhance your photography skills, such as:
multiple exposure,
neutral density filter usage for removing people and cars and making silky waterfalls;
focus stacking,
ghost photography
light painting at night,
slow speed panning,
use of the Kelvin Scale for white balance correction, etc.

Answers to the some frequently asked questions about photography, such as:

1) How do I get the correct focus? The camera often seizes and won’t focus, or it focuses on something I did not want.

2) How can I make my landscape pictures as pretty as what I saw? I love to do landscapes and mountaintop views, but these pictures are often boring, they do not capture what I saw!

3) Why are my pictures on overcast or cloudy days always too dark?

4) Should I shoot RAW or JPEG, does it matter?

5) How do I get my off-camera flash to keep up with the rapid-shooting mode of my camera?

6) What do the Exposure Lock (AEL) and Focus Lock (AFL) and Exposure Compensation (+-) buttons do?

Organizing your photos for easy access by topic, location and date

The advantages and disadvantages of a mirrorless cameras versus DSLRs

What cameras do that phones can’t do!

Any suggestions you may have For Washington Photo Safari,

Any other photographic topic of interest to you

This is a great chance for you to get to know some of your fellow photo safarians (some of whom have been on dozens of our photo tours), while enjoying a beautifully crafted French pastry and the beverage of your choice in an outdoor patio setting near Dupont Circle.

Your fee includes the price of the pastry and the beverage as well as access to the alleged memory banks of Mr. Luria and your fellow photographers!
We won’t be talking any pictures on this photo confab, but you are welcome to bring along any equipment items you think might be of interest to other photographers!

And you are welcome to bring your long-suffering non-photographer companions or spouses, whom we will sit at an adjoining table so that they can commiserate with each other on how to cope while living with a photo enthusiast like you!. They can also choose to spend their time walking around the beautiful **Dupont Circle** architectural area.
Want to suggest another topic for the confab? Put it in the comments section of your registration or send an email to: .

Limited to 10 photographers of all skill levels, and their companions/spouses.