Photos, Food and Fun in Adams Morgan: A Photo Safari!

Photos, Food and Fun in Adams Morgan: A Photo Safari | Washingto Photo Safari

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For those of us who love to take pictures, it is VERY hard to be confronted with a visual culinary delight in a fancy restaurant and not take a picture! You’ve been there, right? Food presentation has now become an art form. That gorgeous dessert dripping with sauce and calories just HAS to be photographed before it is eaten, right?

But it is not easy to do. The picture does not do justice to the dish: it comes out too bright, or too dark, or too blurry, or the wrong color. Or you have committed an even worse sin by leaving your camera at home!

Help is now on the way from professional food and restaurant photographer E. David (first-he-shoots-them-then-he-eats-them!) Luria. Director of the Washington Photo Safari, and from the DC Metro Food Tours that offers guided historical food tours around DC neighborhoods ( )

Led by your DC Metro Food Tours guide, you will be taken to three restaurants in historic Adams Morgan with the guide giving you information about the restaurant, the history of the neighborhood, and unique cuisine of the restaurant. Then, before you dive in to taste the samples served by the restaurant, Mr. Luria will provide tips on camera settings , white balance, ISO, depth of field and composition and camera stability so that memories of your experience in the restaurant will exist not just in your stomach but in your camera as well, a VERY valuable skill to have on your next vacation!

He will also show you how to photograph the lovely interior of the restaurant from your table without disturbing fellow diners.

Rapidly evolving Adams Morgan has been known as a number of different names. This area was once known simply as “18th and Columbia,” referring to its major crossroad. In the 1920s people called it Lanier Heights. In the late 1950s, urban planners and liberal activists came together to promote a new identity: Adams Morgan.

Now, Adams Morgan is a mecca for young professionals, as well as a growing restaurant and pub scene. During the tour, we will experience a variety of Brazilian meats and fresh seafood, Nepalese-Indian fare at a Himalayan lodge, and seasonal desserts from the best bakery in the ADMO area.

For this safari any camera will do, even cellphone cameras, but cameras with adjustable apertures, shutter speeds and the ability to shoot on Manual are highly recommended to give you the maximum benefit from the safari. Lenses such as 18-55mm are fine, wide angle lenses (i.e. 10-20 mm or 11-16 mm) give broader coverage for interior shots, a 50 mm F1.4 is great for blurred backgrounds, macro lens capability is also desirable. We also suggest a table-top tripod or a handy Gorillapod for stability, but we will also show you what to do if you DON’T have one.