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Golden Hour & Twilight at Terminal A, Reagan Washington Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport provides great opportunities for exterior and interior architectural photography

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There is the huge picture window with its magnificent view of airplanes taking off and landing, the Art Deco hallway leading into the terminal, the underground moving walkway to the garage, the 1940’s style of the terminal building itself, and interior architectural photography. And the BEST time of day to capture all of this is at twilight, that period of deep blue-sky lighting which takes place shortly after sunset.

This is “Terminal A”, the original building of Washington National Airport, dedicated in 1940 by President Franklin D Roosevelt, who called it “the airport soon to be one of the world’s greatest and surely its most convenient and, some of us think, its most beautiful!”

On this new workshop on architectural photography, led by architectural photographer and WPS Director E. David Luria, we will discuss how to balance indoor and outdoor lighting inside of buildings by waiting until the sun is just about to go down. We will first capture the exterior of the Terminal A building from the outside roadway just before sunset, then move inside to get “golden hour” shots of the buildings across the Potomac River, followed by twilight shots with a deep blue sky contrasting the white floor of the terminal itself. It is SO much prettier at this time than it is in the daytime!

We will also use the low light to show you how to create “panning” shots of airplane take-offs and landings that show fast-motion blur, AND how make all the moving people inside the terminal DISAPPEAR! How cool is THAT?

Our safari will conclude with colorful shots of the Art Deco hallway that leads to the ticketing area, with “zooming while shooting “ photos taken inside the long underground passageway to Garage A and finally with nighttime shots of the entire airport taken from the roof of Garage A.

Here are samples of the shots you will get on this safari: