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Smartphone Photography Safari at the National Gallery of Art

Learn how to take better photos with your Smartphone by using all its features

Quick Details


Join smartphone expert Elody Crimi for an exciting, 3-hour workshop at the National Gallery of Art to learn how to take great photos with your Smartphone camera (whether it’s an iPhone or Galaxy, Droid, etc.) Topics include: an introduction to the basic (and advanced) functions of your phone; how to use little know features to drastically improve your photography; an overview of the most important rules of composition and how/why they affect your photos (with plenty of examples); a demonstration of various applications you can use to help process and edit your photos (right from your phone); and a demonstration/walk-through of all the various peripherals (lens, lights, etc.) that are available for your phone.

Prerequisite: Workshop is for all levels.

Course Topics:

• Advanced Camera Operations with your phones
• Rules of Composition – Creating better photos
• Recommended Apps
• Recommended gear (including lenses, flashes)


The Safari will start in the West Garden Court on the Main Floor of the West Building of the National Gallery of Art (entrance is on Madison Avenue, meeting location is in the Parlor to the right of the Security Guard desk).

This is where we’ll go through all the course material topics listed above (how to use your camera, rules of composition, best apps for your camera, and cool peripherals that are recommended).

• We’ll then proceed into one of the 16th century French painting rooms to shoot images of some of the master paintings in the room (suitable for framing!)

• Next, we’ll head to the Ground Floor and walk along the underground tunnel to the East Gallery. We’ll go up the elevator to the Tower level where we can go outside and take photos of the famous blue “Hahn/Cock” rooster overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue.

• We’ll then proceed to walk down the stairs to take photographs of the hanging Calder sculptures on the Upper Level, and continue down to take images of the amazing architecture and angles of the interior and stairwells of the East Building.

• The Safari will end outdoors in front of the East Building for a group photo.

Here is what one safarian had to say about the safari:
If you use your phone for photography, this is the course for you. As a long-time SLR photographer, I have found myself using my iPhone more and more to take photos. I had NO idea of everything this phone camera was capable of to take outstanding photos. This course and the teacher were awesome. Elody Crimi was knowledgeable, well prepared and organized. And it was such fun!!! Highly recommended for everyone who owns a phone and wants to improve their photo-taking expertise. Washington Photo Safari courses are the best and this one certainly did not disappoint.  Nancy B., Rockville, MD

Photo Credit: Elody Crimi