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Photos, Food, and Fun in Frederick!

Spend a Sunday Morning Photographing Picturesque Downtown Frederick!

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Reminding you of a small, picturesque European city, the downtown area of Frederick, Maryland,  offers wonderful opportunities for the photographer to catch beautiful cityscape scenes!

Frederick town was first founded in 1745 on a tract of land on the banks of Carroll Creek, which was laid out by Daniel Dulany. In less than three years, this settlement had become an integral part of the county, and is an essential aspect of the city’s history.

From the onset, Frederick was a famous commercial town. By the beginning of the 19th century, it had grown to be a leading mining county of the United States. It produced marble, gold, limestone, iron, and copper, among other minerals. During the American Revolution, the Catoctin Furnace close to nearby Thurmont had grown to be significant iron production site. President Abraham Lincoln gave a Civil War speech at the train depot of the time.

Situated in the heart of the city is Carroll Creek, a mile long body of water that is surrounded by creative murals arched bridges, and historic structures. This photo Safari, led by Washington Photo Safari director and professional architectural photographer E. David Luria will take you on a photo tour along the creek, helping you to capture the best scenes in your camera.

Each step along the way provides opportunities for people portraits and for street photography, utilizing various techniques of photography that involve adjusting f-stop and shutter speeds. Arcing fountains, and creative mural art known as “trompe d’oeuil” that “fools the eye “ into thinking two-dimensional drawings are three-dimensional statues, pigeons, and people peeking out of windows on the wall, all this makes for great photo opportunities!

Here are samples of the images you can capture on this Safari

Wide-angle lenses will give you the full sweep of the area while telephoto zooms can bring you in tight on the picturesque family groups that that are walking along the edge of the creek. Mr. Luria will provide guidance on how to take posed pictures, candid pictures of strangers, as well as how to capture artwork along the walls and the buildings that line the canal.

Our safari ends with luncheon at the Truth and Beauty Bar and Kitchen Restaurant, offering a diverse menu of salads, appetizers, and sandwiches, where we can review the pictures and discuss techniques of cityscape photography, skills that will come in handy in all your future travels. Your fee includes the cost of the lunch!

We have organized the Safari to take place on an early Sunday morning when there is less traffic on the way to Frederick and within Frederick itself, and the parking is free. On a Sunday morning the trip to Frederick from Washington DC is only about 45 to 50 minutes.