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Architectural Treasures of Pennsylvania Avenue at Night

Learn tips and techniques for photographing architecture at twilight and nighttime!

Quick Details


The Avenue of the Presidents linking the Capitol with the White House offers excellent opportunities to practice architectural photography, especially at night!

We begin with an orientation on nighttime photography techniques by architectural photographer E. David Luria. Shooting on Manual Mode, we then do twilight shots of the magnificent Willard Hotel, the Wilson Building (City Hall), the U.S. Treasury Building, the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building, and the Old Post Office, ending inside the illuminated plaza of the Ronald Reagan Building and the long view of the U.S. Capitol at the end of the avenue.

For this safari, bring any camera with adjustable shutter speeds abnd a Manual Mode, all your lenses, and a sturdy tripod. Super-wide lenses like an 11-16mm or a 10-20mm are very useful on this safari. A bubble level is a big help in keeping your images perfectly straight and vertical, and a small flashlight helps you see your camera controls at night. Mr. Luria will bring a 28 mm PC shift lens for Nikon users, helping them achieve straight verticals.