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Fourteenth St., NW at Night!

14th Street is a GREAT place for nighttime photography!

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Fourteenth Street NW, now the go-to place for the new Millennial Generation in Washington, is a GREAT site for this nighttime photography workshop led by architectural photographer E. David Luria.

It is the home of the remodeled Studio Theatre, the popular Le Diplomate Restaurant, plus crowded dives like the Barcelona bar, Estadio, Ghibellini, Pearl Dive (for oysters), Batch 13, Point Chaud, and the Cork and Fork winery. If you want to meet the generation that is transforming downtown DC, THIS is where you go!

So bring your DSLR or high-end point and shoot camera, all your lenses and a sturdy tripod to join us for this nighttime architectural workshop, where you will learn to shoot in the Manual mode on your camera, correcting the white balance settings to get the most dramatic color of the neighborhood. Mr. Luria will also bring a 28mm f/3.5 PC shift lens for Nikon users, enabling them to keep their verticals perfectly straight.

We start the safari 30 minutes before sunset with an orientation by Mr. Luria on nighttime photography and then begin shooting at the onset of civil twilight to get that nice deep blue sky effect, and we use very slow shutter speeds on Manual Mode to create streaks of light from the moving cars and buses. The nighttime photography skills you learn here will be useful when you travel in any city of the world. If you received a new camera recently, this is a great opportunity to use it with professional help! Be sure to bring a strong, sturdy tripod.