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Bealeton Flying Circus Air Show: A Photo Safari

Sharpen your fast-action photography skills by photographing vintage airplanes!

Quick Details


If you like fast-action photography Washington Photo Safari is pleased to offer its first safari at the Bealeton Flying Circus Air Show, just 60 miles from DC in nearby Bealeton VA!

In previous safaris, we have given you snowball fights, pillow fights, Revolutionary War battles, boxing matches, and fast-moving eagles. Now, here is a fun opportunity to get back on shutter priority and continuous shooting as you zero in on the little Stearman biplane whizzing by at 80 miles an hour, upside down with a wing-walker dangling from its wings. Did you get it? Is it sharp? No? Try again!

Wing Walker Bealeton Flying Circus

The Flying Circus is the longest continuously running airshow in Virginia, and perhaps the world, with hundreds of thrilling performances over its 44- year history. The Flying Circus Airshow features a host of antique airplanes including Stearmans, WACOs, Fleets, Cubs, Champs and others. Performances include formation flying demonstrations, world class aerobatics, death defying wing walkers, classic comedy routines and more, providing an afternoon of fun for the whole family and especially for the family photographer.

Guiding you on this new afternoon photo adventure is fast-action photo specialist Alain Gutierrez, a professional street, travel and event photographer who leads our safaris to Cuba, Great Falls and Annapolis. He will also guide you to “Panning” shots that create a blurred background to give a sense of forward motion

You will want your camera set on hi-speed continuous shooting and most of your lenses, especially long zooms of 200 to 300 or even out to 500mm lenses, some of which you can rent for the weekend if you do not own one by going to or With that kind of zoom you will need a good sturdy tripod to minimize shake. Bring an extra battery and an extra card because you will be shooting a lot of frames, not just of the stunts but also of all the cute kids being cute on the circus grounds.

Here is a link to the Bealeton Circus website

Photos by Keith Hans