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Georgetown Waterfront By Land and Sea!

Visit The Peaceful Georgetown Waterfront Park and Then Cruise Down the Potomac on the Nightingale!

Quick Details

Once a tiny tobacco-farming community on the banks of the Potomac ( long before it came to be part of the nation’s capital) Georgetown has grown into a vital, bustling residential, commercial, and entertainment center in DC.

So, in keeping with our tradition of taking you to places you might not know, on this safari we introduce you and your camera to one of the more peaceful sections of Georgetown: its redeveloped waterfront park, stretching ½ mile from Key Bridge to Washington Harbor.

Our safari begins near the Berliner Café on the 3400 block of K Street, noted for its “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” mural art portrait of President John F Kennedy, and then we make our way slowly along the waterfront, photographing a walk-in maze, the kayakers, the yachts, the Key Bridge, the Rosslyn Skyline across the river, paddleboarders who appear to be walking on water, and the many parents with their kids enjoying the park and feeding the ducks in the river. We end the “land” portion of our safari at the colorful and busy Washington Harbor complex of restaurants, hotels, and condos from which we can get a great angle shot of the Kennedy Center and the Watergate Complex.

We then step into The Nightingale, a river cruise boat at Washington Harbor to begin the “sea” portion of our safari. It’s 50-minute cruise gives us the opportunity to photograph river views of Washington Harbor, the Kennedy Center with its new REACH Annex , the Key Bridge, Georgetown University, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, Roosevelt Island, the Arlington-Lee Mansion, Arlington Memorial Bridge, Reagan Washington National Airport, Hains Point, and the 14th Street Bridge, before returning to Washington Harbor to end our safari.

Here are some samples of views along our safari route

$89 fee includes river cruise.