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Scary Ghost-Buster Photography for Halloween!

Yes, there really ARE ghosts who say “BOO!” And a graveyard in Georgetown is the best place to find them!

Quick Details

So bring your camera, your tripod, your favorite sheet, and a companion to Mt. Zion Cemetery in Georgetown and we will teach you how to turn a companion into a ghost hovering over the headstones. Perfect for making images that will scare all your friends and neighbors!

Got kids? Bring them! We will turn them into see-through ghosts too! Got some old 19th or 18th century costumes? Old wedding dresses? Bring them! You will have a GREAT set of scary photos to share on Facebook and Twitter. And you will be prepared to find ghosts that nobody else can see in any future haunted house tours that you take!

Suggested equipment: A DSLR or mirrorless camera with a Manual Mode, adjustable shutter speeds and apertures and a self-timer, a circular polarizing filter or a No. 8 neutral density filter, a sturdy tripod, a lens that closes down to at least F/16 or smaller (i.e. F/22, F/36). If you have a late-model smartphone that has adjustable shutter speeds, you can use it, but you will need a tripod bracket for the phone to mount it on the tripod.

Ghost sheets or period costumes optional.

Ghost of E. David Luria

The instructor is professional architectural photographer E. David Luria who is, himself, a ghost as seen in this photo sent from the Great Beyond.

Masking and social distancing will be enforced on this outdoor safari.

Photo credit: Angela Giusto