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Creating Your Successful Photography Website

Learn how to create a well-organized website that meets your professional goals

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Having a well organized, professional website is a must if you want to sell your photography. Whether you are offering photography services, selling prints or promoting educational workshops, your website needs to be easy to navigate, informative and full of invitations to action.

This workshop will take you through the process of creating a website that meets your professional goals. Topics include:

● Platforms available and pros and cons of each
● Identifying business goals for your website
● Key components for your home page and throughout the site
● How potential clients find your site
● Differentiating yourself from the competition
● Calls to action for site visitors
● SEO basics
● To blog or not to blog?
● Scheduling and payment options to consider

We’ll review examples of other photographer websites and discuss the features and options that may be relevant to your own site.

Here is what safarians are saying about the Creating Your Successful Website Zoomfari:

Hi Vickie! Wanted to thank you for a great workshop Thursday evening. Really eye opening and much to consider as I think about establishing my photo website..You have essentially given me a head start and I’m not completely lost in the wilderness as I begin the process. Thanks again,

Keith H., Arlington, VA

Vickie Gray conducted a Zoom seminar “Creating Your Successful Photography Website” which was superb. Her presentation was perfect: professional; detailed; and easily understood. I took six pages of notes. Wouldn’t even THINK about starting to put together a website without taking her seminar. Highly recommended.

Prerequisites: We strongly encourage you to register for the “Marketing Your Photography” workshop, where you will learn how to differentiate your business, identify your ideal clients, and other concepts that will be important in creating a successful website.

Note that this is NOT a “how to build your website.” We will not cover coding, design, or other technical aspects of website development. You should be comfortable working with DIY website platforms like Squarespace, Wix, etc., or have a designer that can build a site for you.