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Golden Hour and Blue Hour at the Diyanet Center Mosque!

Golden Hour and Blue Hour at the Diyanet Center Mosque

Quick Details

You think the new Diyanet Center Mosque in Lanham, MD is beautiful in the daytime?  Wait until you see it at twilight!  It is GORGEOUS!

The Diyanet center of America is a Turkish-style Mosque erected in PG County in 2013, and it is truly one of the most beautiful religious institutions in the DC area.  With the permission of the Mosque staff, we have already conducted two safaris photographing the exterior and the interior of the Mosque in the early morning light.

But just before sunset we get that golden light on the Mosque, turning the white stone structure to gold, and then, about 30 minutes later, we see a Mosque illuminated by soft spotlights outlined again in the deep blue of twilight, a beautiful image for your photo portfolio!

Architectural photographer and Washington Photo Safari director, E. David Luria (who, as you know, always takes you to the BEST, most photogenic places in the DC area!) will guide you in nighttime and twilight photography technique on this safari, shooting on manual Mode and playing with the Kelvin or white balance color filtration scale. With official permission from the Mosque leaders, we can roam the exterior on this evening with our cameras and tripods.
Click HERE are samples of the images you will get in YOUR camera, taken by YOU!

Safari Details:
Bring camera, wide angle and telephoto lenses, bubble level, tripod, and flashlight.  If you have a tilt-shift or shift lens, bring that too.  Mr. Luria will lend his Nikon 28mm F3.5 PC lens to Nikon users.

Your fee includes a donation to the Mosque.