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Monuments II

An Advanced Refresher Photo Safari

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Advanced Refresher Course With Monument Photography

You have been busy with other things and your camera has been resting comfortably on a shelf, yes?

Or, you recently took Monuments and Memorials or one of our other travel safaris and would like to take it up a notch to learn new techniques with your camera.

This refresher safari – for which one of our other travel safaris or equivalent experience is a prerequisite – will first include a brief review of basic technique: holding the camera, posing people properly, using aperture and shutter priority settings, keeping verticals straight, using trees and flowers to frame your shots, getting low and close, etc

We will then move on to:

  • specialized lens use – wide angle/telephoto, “fast” big-aperture and macro lenses
  • using polarizer and neutral density filters,
  • shooting on the scary “M” or “Manual” setting.
  • how to take maximum advantage of the white balance menu of your camera for optimum color filtration,
  • creative use of the ISO settings,
  • how to make moving people and cars disappear,
  • how to do multiple exposures, and
  • how to shoot in low light
  • if you have an auxiliary flash, we will show you how to use it properly.

Remember this: you hold in your hands a magic machine, a device capable of doing things no human can do. It can stop time, it can see in the dark, freeze the wings of a hummingbird, make all the moving people in a train station disappear, turn waterfalls into misty clouds or a million little ice pellets, make small rooms look big, move the moon across the sky, bring the beauty of nature into your home, and capture memories of your past in exquisite detail.

To become a photographer, you must know how to make these things happen by learning how to use all the features of your camera. That is what we will help you do on this advanced refresher safari.