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Twilight at Reagan National Airport

Interior and Exterior architectural photography at the very photogenic Terminal B/C at the Ronald Reagan Airport

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Note: Registration for the August 29 date is handled by our partner, Capital Photography Center 

The huge picture windows, the Monticello-style arching domes, and the built-in artwork of Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli’s $300 million Terminal B/C at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport provide many opportunities for good exterior and interior architectural photography. And the BEST time of day to capture all of this is at twilight, that period of deep blue-sky lighting which takes place shortly after sunset.

On this workshop on architectural photography, we will discuss how to balance indoor and outdoor lighting inside of buildings by waiting until the sun goes down! We will first capture the exterior of the airport as seen from the roof of Garage C in the golden hour just before sunset, then move inside to get twilight shots with a deep blue sky contrasting the yellow-tinged vaulting columns and ribs of the airport interior. It is SO much prettier at this time than it is in the daytime!

We will also use the low light to show you how to make all the moving people in the airport inside of the airport DISAPPEAR! How cool is THAT?

Our safari will conclude with nighttime shots of the planes taking off and landing as we view them through the huge picture window of Terminal A, the original National Airport terminal, and we will also visit the interesting art-deco corridors of Terminal A.

To make it a REALLY fun evening after the safari ends, bring a date and stick around for dinner at one of the airport’s many restaurants located on the Main Concourse level!

With exclusive permission we have obtained from the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, we can use tripods to photograph the vaulting ceilings, the built-in artwork, and the long views down the main concourse, a good exercise in mixed lighting work. Tripods allowed!