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DC Sunrise by Smartphone Series: World War II Memorial

Join WPS on a Sunrise Safari to Photograph the World War II Memorial with Your Smartphone!

Quick Details


Late-model smartphones have gotten to be very good at low-light shooting, so be sure to join early riser E. David Luria, architectural photographer and director of Washington Photo Safari, as he takes you to five different locations to catch the beautiful deep red light of sunrise with your smartphone in Washington, DC.

Mr. Luria will also help you take full advantage of the editing features of your phone to give even greater sparkle to your images.

On this fifth and final safari in the series, we stand on the path behind the World War II Memorial and aim our (smartphone) cameras at the Washington Monument with the deep red glow of dawn coming up behind the monument and behind the U.S. Capitol, over 1 mile away. In the foreground are the beautiful splashing fountains of the World War II Memorial, lit by the red glow of sunrise and with the Washington Monument reflected in their waters.

Here is a sample of the images you will get on this series of safaris:

Join us on one or more safaris at $99 per safari. If you drive, Mr. Luria provides transportation from place to place and will take you back to your car at the end of the safari. (METRO is not open this early)