Abstracts and Still Lifes Photo Safari

Walk through the Adams Morgan neighborhood learning about abstract photography

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See that wrinkled red leaf on the sidewalk? It’s a picture. See the cross-hatched shadows on the wall made by the fire escape railing? It’s a picture. See the abstract reflections in that yellow motorcycle’s gas tank? It’s a picture. See the colorful and zany patterns of color from that piece of mural art? How about that upside-down storefront reflected in the rear window of the SUV? It’s a picture, and pictures like this actually SELL!

If you want to develop your eye for the weird and unusual close-up, if you want to spend an afternoon inside the right part of your brain, come join professional architectural photographer E. David Luria in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood for a walking safari that will sharpen your eyes for pictures you never knew were there and will demonstrate his clever techniques for close-in photography.