Baltimore Photo Safaris: Full and Half Days

Baltimore: Workshops in Creativity through Perspective in Fells Point and Mount Vernon

Quick Details

Baltimore City workshops in Creativity through Perspective: Ever wonder why photos can look so different taken of the same subject? Here is your chance to learn the ins and outs of creative perspective.

A short drive from the Inner Harbor you will find two of Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods – the National Registered Historic District of Fells Point and Mount Vernon. The morning portion of this safari will take you down the historic cobblestone streets of Fells Point and in the afternoon you will be able to see, compare and enjoy the fine French stylized architecture of Mount Vernon. You will begin to learn how to see a photograph with fresh eyes to generate a more powerful and diverse image, while photography some of the living history of Fells Point and Mount Vernon through its unique architecture and urban life. The dramatic architecture of these two neighborhoods is a perfect place to either start or perfect the way you compose a photograph using the concepts of a good composition, depth of field, exposure and point of view.

You will learn from professional photographer Eddie Arrossi what point of view is all about. He will show you how just by simply shooting at a different angle can turn that cluttered two-dimensional snapshot into a high impact 3-dimensional photograph that captures the feel of the subject

The safari will examine the effects of different lenses on your subjects. You will explore how the unusual storefronts along Fells Point Main Street, or the elegant doorways of Mount Vernon may be photographed and the impact you can create in your photographs. We will continue to walk down to the docks where you can discover how that ship in the harbor looks so far away with a 50mm lens but looks so close with a telephoto. Learn the importance of exposure and composition when using the different lenses.

  • Chevron down What to Bring
    • Lenses
    • Extra memory cards
    • Extra charged battery
    • Accessories such as filters
    • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Chevron down Where to Meet
  • Meet at the benches at the end of the park on Thames Street and South Broadway in Fells Point, MD.

  • Chevron down Your Instructor
  • Eddie Arrossi is an independent photographer in the Washington DC area specializing in photojournalism, weddings, and corporate events who covers local news events for the Spanish New Agency EFE. Raised in Argentina, Eddie began his work at age 16 and became one of the more prominent travel photographers in Buenos Aires, developing a large portfiolio of images that appear on post cards and travel books sold throughout Argentina’s capital city and at Iguacu Falls. He has also photographed extensively on his travels to Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, the UK, Holland and the Czech Republic. Now a resident of Bowie, MD since 2002, Eddie frequently serves as an instructor for Washington Photo Safari. His work can be seen at his website