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Real Estate and Architectural Photography

Good pictures sell houses and condominiums via the web, or in brochures and publications.

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Good pictures sell houses and condominiums via the web, or in brochures and publications. This class, designed for people wishing to photograph their own homes or real estate agents shooting listed properties, is taught by professional real estate photographer, Leo Ceccarelli, and will take place in his private home, providing hands-on training in exterior and interior architectural photography.

Any camera will do, but for best results we recommend a digital SLR camera or a mirrorless camera with manual exposure controls with a wide-angle lens (10-20mm for digital DX SLR’s, 12-24 mm for full frame/FX SLR’s), circular polarizer filter, auxiliary bounce/swivel flash unit, tall, sturdy, heavy tripod with adjustable head, bubble level for horizontal/vertical readings.

Topics include:

Exterior Photography:

  • how and when to shoot exterior views of homes, based on the position of the sun
  • how to shoot north-facing homes that are always in shade
  • color filtration/ white balance and exposure tips for exterior photography
  • how to use flowers trees and bushes to enhance the exterior views;
  • how to keep exterior vertical lines perfectly aligned with the vertical edges of camera viewfinders
  • twilight vs. daylight for shooting of exterior views
  • how to eliminate cars and people from exterior views without Photoshop

Interior Photography:

  • how to choose lenses for interior photography
  • camera angles for interior shooting
  • how to shoot furnished, and unfurnished, interiors
  • how to achieve extreme or shallow depth of field in image focus
  • how to highlight interesting built-in interior details such as sconces or door hardware
  • how to balance indoor light with outdoor sunlight to avoid overexposed window views
  • how to extend the range of your flash unit and how to light up adjoining rooms
  • how to achieve correct exposure on interior photography
  • how and when to shoot using only the existing ambient light
  • how to choose correct white balance settings for interior photography
  • how to shoot interior views at twilight